In yet another glaring example of the infinitely evil spirit that permeates the hearts and minds
of so many of our elected officials today, we now have a truly breathtaking number of them
engaged in the contemptuous initiative to legalize marijuana across the United States.

There are absolutely no positive benefits to legalizing and normalizing marijuana use,
and a very long list of negative, extremely detrimental consequences. It is pure insanity.
(See references below for comprehensive and irrefutable evidence.)

And with the massive drug epidemic that already exists in our society, it’s unconscionable that
so many of these trusted elected officials, from all over the country – at every level of government –
have chosen to abandon their sworn duties to deal with a critical issue such as this in a responsible way.
So many of them have stood by and watched – endorsed, supported, applauded, and even celebrated –
as this poisonous movement has spread like a cancer throughout our country.

As if we don’t have enough health and safety issues to deal with already;
as if we’re not already fighting enough cultural, social, and law and order battles in our country today –
with both internal and external forces trying to undermine and unravel the very fabric of our nation.

Predictably, since the marijuana ‘legalization’ movement has taken root across our
country, we now have millions more half brain-dead people roaming our streets, driving
on our roads, working in our government, and teaching our children. And millions more
equally brain-dead people who are so delusional that they think this is perfectly okay.

And along with another whole new dimension of danger and unpredictability now facing our
Law Enforcement personnel, this abomination also presents an extreme safety and security threat
to all the conscientious members of society who have to deal with these ‘Marijuana Morons’.

Further, unless this trend is reversed and the marijuana legalization effort defeated, then over time,
all future generations will perceive marijuana use as normalized, resulting in an exponential increase
of culturally useless social misfits; dangerous, parasitic, morbid, deranged, psychotic zombies.

So there should not be a single elected official anywhere in our country who supports this initiative
to legalize marijuana. It’s not just common sense, but there are now mountains of evidence – easily
and widely available – testifying to the fact that this is an extremely dangerous and malevolent policy.

In reality, all the state laws ‘legalizing’ marijuana are completely, categorically, and irrefutably
illegitimate, given the fact that marijuana possession, in any form or amount, is a federal crime.
The petitions to legalize marijuana should never have survived the scrutiny of the state’s respective
attorney general’s office – much less their legislature or governor.

Any state level marijuana legalization initiative should be considered no differently than a proposal
authorizing citizens to print their own money; or disallowing minority voters, or women voters.
These examples – just like the marijuana issue – should be recognized for what they are: blatant violations
of numerous federal statutes, and immediately dismissed without a moments hesitation.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case with any of the marijuana laws that have been passed across
the country, and we as a society are going to pay a heavy price if these decisions are not reversed.
It has now become very clear that without immediate intervention, we will soon begin to experience
an enormously dangerous and destructive paradigm shift in our culture and society.

So many elected officials have broken so many laws, and turned a blind eye towards others doing the same.
Whether it’s their insatiable greed for increased revenue, or their sadistic lust for power, they have all made
a deal with the devil, and in so doing will destroy our culture, unravel the fabric of society, undermine
law and order, and create monumental and uncontrollable health and safety dangers for every American.

And as for those individuals across the country who voted in favor of marijuana legalization,
it’s important to consider: Who are these voters?

The majority of those who vote in favor of legalization, would obviously be – marijuana users themselves.
That is to say: Federal Criminals. And the very same people who have long been supporting, enriching, and
enabling violent and ruthless drug cartels through their personal drug purchases.

This voting demographic would also include those in the 18-21 age group, with a large number of them recent
high school graduates and college students. Besides accounting for much of the Pothead Populace, we know that,
predominantly, the maturity level of these individuals today is more like that of a 10 year old child.

And in a dazzling display of striking irony, in many states across the country where these marijuana laws have been enacted,
nobody in this group of under 21 year old voters is allowed to possess or consume even so much as a small glass of wine,
even in their own home. Likewise, they are also banned from purchasing or using any nicotine products whatsoever.

So, many of the Marijuana bills that have passed across the country were decided by: Number 1 – a group consisting
of Federal Criminals, and Number 2 – those voters in the 18-21 age group who are not considered responsible enough
to even make an intelligent decision about their own alcohol and tobacco use.

Yet these same people nevertheless, supposedly possess such a level of wisdom, understanding, mental fitness,
and good judgment, that we should let them decide this monumental safety, security, legal, and environmental issue;
and dictate the very moral and ethical direction of our entire country, from this day forward – towards perpetuity.
One of the most far-reaching, long-term, consequential decision of our nations’ lifetime, left in the hands of a
bunch of  ‘Stoners’ – a group best known for their impetuous, spasmodic, and neurotic dispositions.

Other points to consider:

The Drug Cartels

All the people now using marijuana are not just federal criminals, but also the same people who have long
been supporting, enriching, and enabling extremely violent, ruthless drug cartels through their drug purchases.
As we know, there are not separate cartels for the different classes of illicit drugs; the ones supplying marijuana
are part of the same international network trafficking cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, etc, etc.

So by proxy, all these perceived sweet, gentle little innocent passive pot smokers, have been
aiding and abetting the massive organized crime drug dealer syndicates with their proliferation
of the most deadly and devastating narcotics around the world that has caused unthinkable pain
and suffering for countless families, and has destroyed literally millions of lives.

The Environment

A most inconvenient reality for all the pro-marijuana people in our country and around
the world, is the fact that marijuana growers consume massive amounts of critically important
and irreplaceable natural resources such as water, farmland, forestland, open space, and fossil fuel.
Along with requirements for enormous amounts of electricity, and the widespread use of heavily toxic
fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and their poisonous chemical harvesting and processing techniques,
the Marijuana industry is directly responsible for monumental damage to our entire ecosystem.

And it’s more than a little ironic that the most radically passionate pro-environmentalists in our country
also seem to be the most radically passionate pro-potheads in our country – and vice versa.
It’s just pure ignorance – or perhaps simply willful blindness – that allows them to rationalize their
obnoxious positions and gleefully support these diametrically opposite agendas.

Firearms Ownership

Given the fact that being a marijuana user disqualifies an individual from lawful firearms ownership,
the normalization and corresponding increase of marijuana use will result in a large number of Americans
unwittingly and permanently relinquishing their right to ‘Keep and Bear Arms’ in order to protect
and defend themselves, their families, and others, with legal and responsible firearms ownership.

Naturally, for the above mentioned reason, any law that gets passed normalizing the use of marijuana
in any state around the country is part of a dream come true for gun control advocates.
It’s perhaps worth noting that all the states thus far passing laws ‘legalizing’ marijuana use and possession,
are controlled by the same elected officials who consistently stand firmly against the 2nd Amendment.
In a very real sense, all of these initiatives to legalize marijuana taking place across the country could
very well be considered a form of ‘back door’ gun control. But intentional or not, the results are the same.

National Security

From a National Security perspective, this translates into a double victory for our enemies.
We can be certain that any country or nation state that typically stands against us, consider it very beneficial
to see more and more states across the U.S.A. pass laws accepting and permitting the use of marijuana.
That is to say, for obvious reasons, the widespread use of illicit drugs – especially the normalization of marijuana,
insidiously promoted as harmless and innocuous – is being celebrated as a huge victory by our enemies.
And much to their satisfaction, if the legalization and normalization of marijuana use continues to proliferate around
the United States, we’ll be not just a country full of pusillanimous Zombies, but defenseless pusillanimous Zombies.


The elected officials around the country who have initiated Marijuana Legalization, as well as those who have come out
in support of such initiatives, have shown themselves to be some of the most irresponsible and reprehensible individuals
to ever hold political office. Knowing full well the dangers, the damage, and the long list of destructive consequences
associated with widespread marijuana use, they have chosen to ignore those issues and move forward with their agenda.
This puts them on the side of our enemies; working against all the good things that make our country safe and strong.

In addition to the many levels of widely known and well documented negative consequences of marijuana use,
and the degenerative, utterly devastating influence of the marijuana industry – both ‘legal’ and illicit – these state
laws that have passed are factually and fundamentally illegitimate, and should be immediately rescinded.

If these Marijuana Laws are allowed to stand across the country, they will go down in history as some of
the most egregious examples of political debauchery ever perpetrated on the citizens of the United States.
This is pure lunacy, everybody knows it, and unless something is done to immediately stop the entire
Marijuana Legalization movement, our country will suffer in ways that none of us can begin to imagine.

It is very important at this stage for all of our elected officials across the country – at the local, state,
and especially the federal level – to receive the message, loud and clear:  ‘Stop the Potheads’
And the governors in each of the states where marijuana possession and use has already been ‘legalized’
need to do the right thing, follow the law, and declare those statutes null and void.

Stop the Potheads; there’s a reason they call it ‘Dope’.